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Error Code:

Audio Hum/Buzz


Electrical noise or signal interference typically caused by an electrical ground-loop in the recording signal chain.


Hum impacts the Content Quality of the asset. Can either partially or completely obscure creatively intended dialogue/music/effects, impacting member experience. Unintended signal noise also compromises the asset.

Severity Structure:


Hum is low level in the mix or can reasonably be to creative intent or an inherent element in the scene (i.e. there is equipment visible that is clearly the source of the audio hum).


Hum is loud enough that it obscures dialogue or occurs during music/ effects but is very noticeable/ distracting.  Hum occurs over what should be silence.

How to Prevent:

Isolate and eliminate noise caused by a ground loop in an audio circuit with ground loop isolators. This ensures that the shield ground on each audio cable is isolated from any equipment ground, which could cause extraneous noise  when amplified.


Replace the affected audio with wild track tone underneath to remove hum. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.


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