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Audio Artifact - Hum/Buzz


Hum is an electrical noise captured by a signal interference. Typically, a hum is caused by an electrical ground-loop in the re/recording signal chain. A hum impacts the content quality of an asset. Hum may obscure effects or music, sullying the overall quality of the mix, and negatively impacting the customer experience. It could possibly be creative intent on the part of the producer. Any derivatives of the asset will contain the hum.

Severity Structure:


The hum is low in the mix, or there is contextual evidence that it is creatively intended (e.g. the scene has equipment that could be causing the hum).  

Needs Review

The hum occurs under dialogue and is noticeable during a scene, but there is no contextual evidence indicating that the hum is intended. 

Needs Fix

The hum is loud, obscuring dialogue or is in silence and clearly not intended. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, cover or replace the hum with a wild track tone. 

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