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Error Code:

Ident - Mismapped


Ident Mis-Mapped is when the expected implementation of the Netflix Ident source tracks are incorrectly arranged in relation to the expected audio channel order. Ident Mis-Mapped impacts Netflix’s brand identity, and does not comply with our expectations regarding correct implementation.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review


Needs Fix

Either the 5.1 or the Stereo audio mixes are incorrectly mapped to the expected channel orientation.


Re-order using the correct orientation. Common issues are: mapping in L/C/R/LS/ LFE/RS, instead of L/R/C/LFE/LS/RS, or 5.1 L/R used for Stereo L/R. Please refer to the following Help Center resource to assist with proper implementation:  Master QC: Identifying and Implementing the Netflix "Ident"

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