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Error Code:

Luminance - Harding PSE Failed 


"Harding PSE Fail" refers to a software test used to gauge whether or not an asset is at risk for causing epileptic seizures in people with Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE). This software will scan for rapid changes in brightness or color in video content. Content failed for this error code must be evaluated and a conversation must be had around adjusting the content to bring it into conformance.


Harding PSE Fail impacts the Technical Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be adversely affected, as viewers who are prone to Photosensitive epilepsy, or even viewers who do not know they are prone may experience seizures. It creates a dangerous health risk for our customers and is never the creative intent. Any video derived from this file will fail Harding PSE Tests.

Severity Structure:




Harding Software has determined that this content has the potential to cause epileptic seizures in individuals with PSE.


Brightness or strobing frequency needs to be adjusted to have content pass a Harding Test.


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