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Error Code:

PSE Test Fail


"PSE Test Fail" refers to a specific test used to gauge whether or not an asset is at risk for causing epileptic seizures in individuals with Photosensitive Epilepsy (PSE).  PSE tests scan for rapid changes in brightness,  color, and patterns in video content. 


PSE Test Fail impacts the Technical Quality of the asset.  Content that fails the PSE test poses a serious risk to those suffering from Photosensitive Epilepsy, as it can trigger seizures while viewing the content.  In some cases, viewers may not be aware they are prone to seizures. 

Severity Structure:




Software or firmware with an implemented PSE test determine content has the potential to cause epileptic seizures in individuals with PSE.

How to Prevent:

During editing, try to avoid sequences with more than three luminance/ color changes that occupy 25% or more of the active image in a one second duration.  Also, avoid stark patterns (stripes, polka dots, cross-hatching, etc.), especially patterns that flash, oscillate, change direction or reverse in contrast. Try to edit and test against the ITU-R bt. 1702 standard to ensure PSE compliance.  


Sequences/ programs must be re-edited to remove/ adjust elements that are causing the PSE test fail.


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