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Error Code:

Ident Out of Sync


"Ident Out of Sync" is the incorrect placement of the Netflix Ident audio in relationship to the corresponding Netflix Ident animation.


Ident out of sync impacts Netflix's Brand Identity, as it does not meet the expectations of correct implementations.

Severity Structure:




The Ident “knocks” are not timed correctly with the expected implementation of the Netflix Ident.

How to Prevent:                          

Avoid including the Ident on the timeline during mixing/ editing, where there is the potential it will be inadvertently altered. Drop in un-altered ident right before export.

Netflix is working toward automating the Ident stitching post delivery within our internal pipeline to eliminate the need for fulfillment partners to include it as part of their delivery.


Replace with original un-altered Ident, and re-export.

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