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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Jitter


"Jitter" is the shaking of an image due to unintended camera movement, unnatural camera movement, or image re-positioning.


Jitter impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be negatively affected, as a severe jitter could make viewing the program impossible. Furthermore, it may jar the viewer out of a seamless viewing experience, bringing attention to the technical aspects of production. This issue may be the creative intent. Any asset derived from this video will contain jitter.

Severity Structure:

The move is very jarring or the image is re-positioned in editing mid-scene.


The entire program is in a style of handheld shaky camera. Context clues within program heavily indicate that the Jitter is intended.


Move is very jarring or image is re-positioned in editing mid scene.


Affected footage should be replaced or stabilized using software. Beware that no matte lines show during stabilization.

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