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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Jitter


Jitter is the shaking of an image due to unintended camera movements, unnatural camera movements, or image re-positioning. Jitter impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. Severe jitter could make viewing the program impossible and negatively affect the customer experience. Additionally, jitter may jar the viewer out of a seamless viewing experience -- calling attention to the technical aspects of production. It may be creatively intended, but is dependent upon the video context. Any derivatives of the asset will contain the jitter.

Severity Structure:


The entire program is in the style of a handheld camera. Contextual clues within program heavily indicate that the jitter is intended.

Needs Review

The move is much more sporadic or abrupt. Also, possibly inherent to archival footage. It could possibly be creative intent. 

Needs Fix

The move is very jarring or the image is re-positioned in editing mid-scene.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, replace the affected footage or use software to stabilize it. Ensure no matte lines show during stabilization. 

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