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Error Code:

Picture Jitter


"Picture Jitter" is the shaking of the image due to unintended, unnatural camera movement or image re-positioning. In archival film footage, may be the result of film perfs not being properly aligned with film scanner sprockets/pins.


Picture jitter impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Excessive jitter may take the member out of a seamless viewing experience, bringing attention to the technical aspects of production. In severe cases, the jitter may make the content unwatchable.  

Severity Structure:


Contextual cues indicate jitter is intentional to provide a “handheld” or “filmic” style to the program.  


Jitter is clearly due to a re-positioning edit mid-scene.  Jitter is overly distracting and appears inconsistent with surrounding/ similar shots.  

How to Prevent:



Apply stabilization to minimize jitter. Make sure that any stabilization applied does not induce visible matte edges or additional artifacts.

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