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Error Code:

Lens Smudge 


"Lens Smudge" is dirt, oil, debris, etc. physically on the camera lens causing a visible artifact in the captured image.


Lens Smudge impacts the Content Quality of the asset. Member experience will be negatively affected if the lens smudge distracts from on screen action.  If severe enough, lens smudges may obscure creatively intended visual elements in a scene.

Severity Structure:


Smudge is very minor and not overly distracting.


Smudge is very noticeable and obscures content on screen.

How to Prevent:                          

Always replace lens covers and house lenses in protective cases when not in use.  Clean lenses often, before/ after use and between shots. 

If lens is noticeably dirty, clean and reshoot any affected footage.


Use DRS or VFX fix to address, if possible.

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