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Error Code:

Production Error - Lens Smudge


Lens Smudge refers to the dirt, oil, and debris that's physically on the camera lens and is visible in the captured image. It causes the recorded video to have unwanted artifacts in the image. A lens smudge impacts the content quality of an asset. If the lens smudge is large and severe enough to obscure on-screen action, the customer experience will be negatively affected. This issue is rarely creative intent and is a result of using dirty equipment during production. Any derivative of the asset will also contain the lens smudge. 

Severity Structure:


The lens smudge is minor or indiscernible.

Needs Review

The lens smudge doesn't occur during major action and/or is not overly noticeable.

Needs Fix

The lens smudge obscures content on-screen and/or is very noticeable.


First, review with the partner to determine if the lens smudge is minor or severe. If it's severe, the affected footage must be corrected and/or replaced.

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