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Lens Flare


“Lens Flare” is the refraction of light through a camera lens, causing a flash or light glare to be visible in frame.


Lens flares impact the Content quality of the asset.  Member experience can be negatively affected if a lens flare distracts from the on screen action.  If severe enough, lens flares may obscure creatively intended visual elements in a shot. In some cases, creative talent may choose to induce lens flares to achieve a desired “look”.

Severity Structure:


Lens flare is minor and does not obscure characters or important objects in scene.


Lens flare is very large or distracting and obscures on screen action.

How to Prevent:                          

Avoid direct light shining on the camera lens.

Use appropriate camera hoods and production flags to shield lens from light.


Confirm if lens flare is creatively intended.  If not, footage must be adjusted to minimize the flare.  This may require a re-position of the shot or possible VFX fix, depending on where in the frame the lens flare exists and how severe it is.

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