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Error Code:

Production Error - Lens Flare


Lens Flare is the refraction of light through a camera lens, causing visual artifacts to be recorded. This impacts the content quality of an asset. If the lens flare is severe and the on-screen information is obscured, the customer experience may be negatively affected. A lens flare could also be creative intent, dependent upon the wishes of the producers. Any derivatives of this asset will contain the same lens flare(s).

Severity Structure:


The lens flare is small, does not obscure characters or objects in the shot, and appears to be creative intent.

Needs Review

The lens flare is noticeable and obscures a character in the shot, but could potentially be creative intent. 

Needs Fix

The lens flare is very large, distracting, and obscures on-screen characters and/or objects.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, if the flare is large, distracting, and obscures characters or objects, replace the footage or edit/adjust the footage to minimize the flare. 

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