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Error Code: 

Production Error - Lens Flare


Lens Flare is the refraction of light through a camera lens, causing visual artifacts to be visible and recorded.


Lens flares impact the Content quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively affected should the lens flares be so severe that on-screen information is obscured or unwatchable. This may be the creative intent, depending on the wishes of the producers. Any video derived from this asset will contain Lens Flare.

Severity Structure:


Lens flare is very small and does not land on important characters or objects in scene.


Flare is very large and obscures on screen characters.

How to Prevent:                          

Avoid direct light shining on the lens.

Use appropriate lens hood and filters to protect the lens from light.


The flare is very large and distracting. The footage must be replaced or adjusted to minimize the flare.

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