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Error Code:

Loudness LKFS Out of Spec


"Loudness LKFS Out of Spec" refers to an audio mix that does not conform to the overall loudness average specification.  M&E mixes do not need to adhere to this specification and should be excluded from measurement.


Loudness Out of Spec impacts the Technical Quality of the asset. The asset does not meet the Netflix Delivery Specification. 

Severity Structure:




LKFS measurements are outside of BOTH the ITU-R bs. 1770-1 and 1770-3 specified parameters/ tolerances.

How to Prevent:

Monitor audio on timeline, and double check exports. Netflix uses Dolby Media Meter, Nugen LM Correct, or Baton Auto QC.  Please use the same tools to measure/ verify for consistency.                 


Loudness must be adjusted to bring file into spec.  Lower or raise overall level average and re-export.


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