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Error Code:

Blown-out/Clipped Whites


"Blown-out/Clipped Whites” refers to an image’s highlights exceeding the maximum reproducible video level.  This causes an overall loss of detail in the portions of the image where max luminance approaches true white.


Blown-out/Clipped Whites impact Content quality of the asset.  Member experience is negatively affected by any loss of detail, as creatively intended visuals or story points may be missed.  

Severity Structure:




Substantial portions of the image have minimal detail due to luminance levels clipping.

How to Prevent:                          

Be aware of camera aperture settings to ensure proper exposure.  

Ensure base black levels and max luminance levels do not exceed allowable thresholds.

Find a balance between lows and highs during color grading to maintain as much detail as possible across the image.  


Confirm if creative intent or best possible.  Otherwise review/ address possible conformance issue or Full/Legal Range conversion issue.

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