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Luminance Peaks


Luminance Peaks refers to the measured luminance of certain or all portions in the frame that are limited to a sub-optimal peak value. It impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. When luminance peaks are too high the viewer's monitor may be unable to render their detail. It may also cause white or colored spots to appear on portions of the screen, thus resulting in a negative customer experience. It is very rarely creative intent, and any derivative of the asset will contain the peaks in luminance.

Severity Structure:


The peaks in luminance occur when there is a bright, logical on-screen element (e.g. the sun). The luminance peaks do not affect the viewing experience and/or there is evidence the peaks are creatively intended.

Needs Review

There are peaks in luminance, but there is no logical reasoning behind why it became very bright. If it occurs during archival footage, the peaks in luminance may be inherent. 

Needs Fix

The luminance peaks do not meet standard measurement (way over or way under) -- and picture quality has been greatly degraded. There are sections on the screen that have lost detail due to severe brightness. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, footage must be adjusted to not peak so high. The luminance peaks must be adjusted in order to bring pictures back into a high-quality visual state.

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