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Error Code:

Luminance Shift


Luminance Shift refers to a change in luminance within a shot or scene, where no on-screen motivation supports the shift. Luminance shift impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. If the luminance shift occurs without any contextual reason, and the shot becomes too bright or too dark to gather contextual information, the customer experience will be negatively impacted. A luminance shift may be creatively intended, but only if there are contextual clues to support it. If any derivatives of the asset are created, they will also contain the luminance shift(s).

Severity Structure:


There are contextual clues and logical evidence that point to the luminance shift being creatively intended. 

Needs Review

The luminance shift makes the overall image brighter or darker compared to the rest of the program, or in comparison to the shots that are adjacent to the affected frames. It may be creatively intended or inherent to archival footage. 

Needs Fix

The level change makes the shot look very different from the adjacent shots; the level change occurs in the middle of the shot and brings attention to the picture instead of the story; the shift makes on-screen action impossible to see. It is distracting. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent or inherent to the archival source; otherwise, adjust or replace the footage, so that the image matches the adjacent shots. 

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