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Error Code:

Luminance Shift/Flicker


"Luminance Shift/Flicker" refers to a change/ multiple changes in the brightness levels within a shot/ scene.


Luminance Shift/Flicker impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset.  It can distract from the creative on screen action, and in severe instances, potentially obscure plot pertinent elements.

Severity Structure:


Source of luminance shifting can reasonably be attributed to an on screen element or is understood based on contextual cues (e.g. strobe lights in a nightclub or character turns away from a practical light source).


Changes in luminance are not reasonably discernible as creative and distract from on screen action.

How to Prevent:                          

Review for luminance consistency across shots. Apply luminance changes uniformly across similar shots, cut to cut whenever possible to minimize abrupt shifts mid-shot.


Confirm if creative intent or best possible. Otherwise, affected shots must be regraded to maintain consistent brightness and minimize unnecessary shifting mid-shot.

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