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Error Code:

Missing Content - Dialogue 


"Missing Dialogue" is the lack of spoken audio information from an audio mix, where environmental effects or music is still present.


Missing Dialogue impacts the Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be adversely affected if no dialogue information is present in a scene or throughout program. Unlikely to be creative intent on the part of the content producer. Further assets generated from this asset will also be missing dialogue.

Severity Structure:


Dialogue is intended to not be present.


Clear shot of character's mouth and no dialogue is present. May be creative intent but no clear indication of such. Important plot information is lost.

How to Prevent:

Review content for lack of spoken audio, especially when lip movement is visible.


When creating audio for delivery to Netflix, replace all missing dialogue. ADR as needed if no original intended dialogue is available. Fix/edit with existing audio that was missed. Re-record (dubbed audio) audio to match.

If you are responsible for conforming pre-existing audio assets, please reach out to the Content Partner for alternate source material.  If it is confirmed that no alternate source material exists, please reach out to your Netflix Title Operations Representative. 

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