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Error Code:

Missing Content - Dialogue


Missing Dialogue is the lack of spoken audio information from an audio mix, where environmental effects or music is still present. Missing Dialogue impacts the content quality of an asset. If no dialogue information is present in a scene or throughout the program, the customer experience will be negatively affected. Missing audio treatment is rarely creative intent. If there are any derivatives of the asset, it will also have the missing dialogue error.

Severity Structure:


There is an indication that the lack of dialogue was creatively intended.

Needs Review

The dialogue is not present, but this could be due to ADR or a creative choice. If a character's back is to the camera, the producers may intentionally leave out the audio, even if their mouth is moving.

Needs Fix

There is clear indication that the character is supposed to be speaking (e.g. close-up shot with lip flap), but there is no dialogue present. The missing dialogue causes important plot-pertinent information to be lost. No clear indication of creative intent. 


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, replace all missing dialogue. If no original dialogue is available, it maybe necessary to use ADR. 

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