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Error Code:

Missing Dialogue 


"Missing Dialogue" is the lack of dialogue within an audio mix, where environmental effects or music is still present.


Missing Dialogue impacts the Content Quality of the asset. Member experience will be negatively affected if no dialogue information is present in a scene or throughout program. 

Severity Structure:


There is no dialogue information, but this can be discerned as creatively intended based on the context of the scene.


On-screen character's lip movement is clearly visible but no accompanying dialogue is present.  No clear indication that this is creatively intended. Important plot information is lost.

How to Prevent:

Lock audio tracks that are not being worked on in order to avoid inadvertently deleting track information.  Review audio against picture to identify any scenes where there is character lip movement but potentially missing dialogue information.


Replace all missing dialogue. ADR as needed if no original intended dialogue is available.

Fix edit with existing audio that was either left out or removed by mistake.

Re-record (dubbed audio) to match picture.

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