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Error Code:

Missing Content - Effects


"Missing Effect" is lack of all or certain environmental sounds or on-screen elements from an audio mix. Dialogue or music will still be present. 


Missing Effect impacts the Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience is negatively affected if on-screen actions do not have corresponding audio effects throughout a scene or program. Possibly creative intent on the part of the content producer. Further assets created from this asset will have missing effects.

Severity Structure:


On-screen effect is missing under dialogue or very low in the mix.


Attention in the scene is focused on an action or element of the scene, and there is no effect associated with it.

How to Prevent:                          
Review content for elements/actions in the frame for missing content. Review elements on-screen for corresponding SFX.

Effects are most often found to be missing in secondary audio. QC of M&E will help to ensure that all effects are present on the final M&E mix and therefore will not be missing on all dubs derived from said M&E. 


Foley/Insert - Replace elements with pre/re-recorded performance.

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