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Error Code:

Audio Channel Issue - Mono Audio


Mono Audio refers to the duplication of an audio track which causes stereophonic or intended surrounding elements to be absent. Mono audio impacts both the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively affected as panning effects or object oriented audio is not present in their stereo mix. It is rarely creative intent. All intended mix elements and panning should be preserved. Further assets derived from this mix will exhibit mono audio.

Severity Structure:


The operator has flagged the individual tracks of the 5.1 mix as mono in the metadata of the file.

Needs Review

2.0 Tracks contain mostly the same information, no variance obvious. Possibly creative intent as no panning was necessary.

Needs Fix

2.0 tracks contain exactly the same information, no panning effects preserved from the 5.1.


Review and confirm if this is creative intent; otherwise, adjust mix to have more stereo panning. In more severe examples, replace the mix with a fold down of the 5.1, preserving the orientation of panning effects.

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