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Error Code:

Audio Drop Out/ Mute 


"Audio Dropout/Mute" is the complete lack of audio signal in an audio mix, channel or track.


Audio Dropout impacts both the Content and the Technical Quality of the Asset. The member experience is negatively impacted by any missing audio or sections of unintended silence. 

Severity Structure:




The audio across one or more channels goes completely silent with a lack of any signal on an audio waveform/ meter.  This occurs abruptly and without any contextual cues that it is creative. Can last anywhere from a few samples to several seconds.

How to Prevent:

Review audio to picture to monitor for discrepancies. Check waveforms/ audio meter for complete dropouts in audio during mixing.  This is a good indication that this is not a simple creative “dip” in levels.


Likely a print master re-recording error, check the print-master and fix.  Repackage and re-deliver if necessary. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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