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Error Code:

Audio Mixdown Error


"Audio Mixdown Error" is a discrepancy stemming from the process of folding tracks from one/multiple mixes together to create a new mix (i.e. creating a stereo fold down from the 5.1 mix). This can result in overall levels or specific elements not matching between the mixes.


Audio Mixdown Error impacts both the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Crucial mix elements may be low level or missing from one of the audio streams, negatively impacting the member experience. Both 5.1 and 2.0 mixes should be a similar experience for the customer with regard to content and quality.  

Severity Structure:




Audio elements are missing from one mix but verified to be present in another (i.e. the 2.0 mix is missing elements, which are present in the 5.1).  

How to Prevent:

Review mixes to ensure consistency.  Ensure individual track levels are properly adjusted prior to completing the mixdown.


Replace missing elements in affected mix and/ or adjust levels.  

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