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Error Code:

Color - Negative Stain


Negative Stain is an artifact that appears as the inverse of an expected on-screen appearance. It is similar to a pixel error and is usually unintended. Negative stain artifacts are distracting and they pull focus away from the program, which negatively impacts the customer experience. 

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

The negative stain is a minor, single frame issue that does not overlap an on-screen character or focused object.

Needs Fix

There is a major artifact across a single frame or minor artifact across multiple frames; the artifact covers or overlaps characters and/or on-screen objects of focus.


The issue should be rectified if over a character or on-screen object of focus. It is most commonly introduced on the DI, especially when grain is added to the image for a "film look." In more severe examples, the artifact must be removed. When more severe, the artifact was likely introduced by an external effect on the image, and may require a re-render of the DPX frame to remove the artifact. If it is experienced in-camera, VFX may be necessary.

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