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Error Code:

Picture Stutter


Picture Stutter occurs when an image sequence lacks motion blur. Inter-frames or portions of frame segments repeat in a short span of time. Picture stutter impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience will be adversely affected if on-screen motion or camera moves are jerky or lack inter-frame information. If the creative intent of the look is not upheld, the intended movement of the program will be negatively affected. It is rarely creatively intended and any derivatives of the asset will also contain picture stutter. 

Severity Structure:


Stutter occurs during a scene containing a lot of motion and does not affect the look or the on-screen information. 

Needs Review

The picture stutter happens during slight manic camera movements or during a slow pan; There are contextual clues that it is inherent to source materials or archival footage.

Needs Fix

There is severe motion loss, the image is jerky, and all motion on the screen is affected.


Review and confirm if it is creative intent or inherent to archival footage; otherwise, the video footage must be fixed to include correct frames and smoothen motion.

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