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Error Code:

Ident Altered 


Netflix Ident Altered is the manipulation of the video or audio essence of the Netflix Ident diverging from the intended implementation.


Netflix Brand Identity is tied to the appearance of the Netflix Ident.

Severity Structure:




The Netflix Ident appears different than the reference logo and expected implementation in any matter, Ident doesn't match the active image of the program

How to Prevent:                          

"Ident Last"
Don't have the Ident on the timeline, where it has the potential for being manipulated. Drop in an un-altered ident only right before final export.

"Ident-Free Delivery"
We are currently moving toward automating the Ident implementation process and allowing for the ingest of "Ident-free" deliveries. Effectively, removing the need for external partners to implement our Ident prior to delivering to Backlot. 


Implement the Netflix Ident without making any alterations to its appearance.

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