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Error Code:

Audio Channel Issue - Out of Phase 


"Out of Phase" is distortion caused by destructive interference of an audio recording or mix. Audio channels within a mix are audibly out of phase with one another.


Out of Phase Audio impacts the Technical and Content Quality of an asset. Customer experience will be negatively affected as intended dialogue may be obscured by the phasing effect present in the audio mix. Possibly, but rarely, creative intent. Any derivative of this mix will contain audio that is Out of Phase.

Severity Structure:


Phasing effect occurs while on-screen action indicates it is creatively intended.


Phasing has destructive effect on audio for any amount of time, if dialogue has drop outs or is unintelligible.

How to Prevent:

Apply mix effects to undo phasing effects. 

When shooting, avoid the overuse of mics in order to prevent the pick up of one sound source in the microphone intended for another source. Ensure that mics are properly spaced out.


Re-record or re-adjust audio levels to what is consistent with the creative intent. Or apply mix effects to undo the phasing effect. 

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