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Error Code:

Audio Phase Error 


"Audio Phase Error" occurs when different recorded signal frequencies are identical but partially or completely inverted, effectively delaying or cancelling out certain elements of the mix.  If two frequencies are a full 180 degrees out of phase, it’s usually referred to as “destructive interference” or “phase cancellation”.


Audio phase errors impact the Technical and Content Quality of an asset. Member experience will be negatively affected as intended audio will be obscured as the result of any phase error.  If the signal is 90 degrees out of phase, it will result in an unintended hollow or “tinny” quality to the audio. If the signal is 180 degrees out of phase, it will result in complete silence.  

Severity Structure:




Portions of the mix sound hollow, and/or there are drop outs in dialogue/effects indicating a possible phase error.  The phase error should also be visually represented on an oscilloscope Lissajous display.

How to Prevent:

When shooting, avoid the overuse of multiple mics in order to prevent the pick up of one sound source in the microphone intended for another source. Be aware of reflective surfaces on set that might cause sound to bounce off and be picked up in an unintended mic. Ensure that mics are properly spaced out following the 3:1 rule.  


Slip affected stems on the timeline slightly to bring them in phase, or apply a phase alignment plugin to correct the issue.

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