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Error Code:

Pixel Error


Pixel Error is a visual corruption where one or several pixels in a frame will not display the same correctly captured information as the pixels surrounding them. It can also be referred to as a Dead Pixel. Pixel Error impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. If one or more pixels are bright against a dark background or if the pixels cover a main character's face, the customer experience may be negatively impacted. A pixel error is never creative intent. If there are any derivatives created from this asset, they will also contain pixel errors. 

Severity Structure:


The pixel error lands in an error that is the same color as the background and/or part of a frame that is not the primary focus of the content.

Needs Review

The pixel error occurs in the background and/or is outside the main focus of the content; it may be inherent to archival footage. 

Needs Fix

The pixel error hovers over faces of characters; the pixel error is bright over a dark background; it stands out and causes distraction from the rest of the picture. 


Review and confirm if it is creative intent or if it is inherent to the archival source; otherwise, the dead pixels must be removed or painted over.

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