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Error Code: 

Pixel Error


"Pixel Error" is a visual corruption where one or several pixels in a frame will not display the correct captured information as the pixels surrounding them. Also referred to as "Dead Pixel(s)."


Pixel Error impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience can be negatively impacted if Pixel Error on screen is bright against a dark background or hovers over a main character's face. This is never the creative intent. Any video assets created from this asset will contain Pixel Errors.

Severity Structure:


Pixel error is the same color as background or lands on a part of a frame on which attention isn't focused.


Pixel hovers over the face of a character or is bright on a dark background, making it stick out from the rest of picture.

How to Prevent:                          

Daily Black Shading Calibration. Calibration Mechanism based on camera sensor exposure time and temperature. Resets noise pattern, reducing pixel errors, should be performed for changing environments or temperatures.

Pixel Check. With lens on camera, point camera at lit white card, causing photosites to electrify, begin recording and swap to black card or reduce exposure on lense till closed; analyze frame for stuck pixels.

Review content in “vivid” mode with all noise reduction and interpolation turned off.

Contrasting elements often exhibit the issue, review darker scenes with camera movement, pixels will remain bright and fixed in location.


Dead pixels must be removed or painted over.

Post-recording of content, pixels should be painted out on the Non-graded archival element and used through the finishing process, Performing pixel fixes on the non-graded should preserve Archival element, and trickle to distribution asset through color render.


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