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Error Code: 

Pixel Error


"Pixel Error" refers to one or several pixels in a frame which do not display the correct captured information as the pixels surrounding them.  Sometimes also referred to as a “Dead Pixel”.


Pixel Errors impact the Technical and Content Quality of the asset.  Pixel errors are often due to a bad sensor in the camera used to capture. They are distracting to the customer experience, especially when they stand out in darkly lit scenes or on a character’s face.

Severity Structure:


Pixel error is very faint in a brightly lit scene or is roughly the same color as the surrounding elements in the scene (as long as it does not fall on a character or object that is the focus of the scene).


Pixel error falls on a character or object that is the focus of the scene.  Pixel error is bright against a darkly lit scene.

How to Prevent:                          

Daily Black Shading Calibration. Calibration Mechanism based on camera sensor exposure time and temperature. Resets noise pattern, reducing pixel errors, should be performed for changing environments or temperatures.

Pixel Check. With lens on camera, point camera at lit white card, causing photosites to electrify, begin recording and swap to black card or reduce exposure on lens til closed; analyze frame for stuck pixels.

Review content in “vivid” mode with all noise reduction and interpolation turned off.

Contrasting elements often exhibit issue.  Review darker scenes with camera movement. Pixels will remain bright and fixed in location.


Dead pixels must be removed with a VFX paint fix.

Pixels should be painted out in the non-graded archival master (NAM) to ensure the fixes carry over to all subsequent deliverables, including the graded archival master (GAM), video display master (VDM), and final IMF.


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