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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Quantization


Quantization is a result of re-processing an image through compression, scaling, and/or interpolation. Quantization artifacts cause the image to appear blocky, aliased, or un-sharpened. Quantization impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. If the image is blurry, degraded, and noticeably compressed it will negatively affect the customer experience. It may be creative intent. If there are any derivatives of the asset created, they will also contain the quantization error. 

Severity Structure:


The footage is degraded, but there are contextual clues that indicate that this is creative intent, or the quantization effects are inherent to the archival footage. 

Needs Review

The quantization occurred due to poor rendering settings or may be inherent to archival footage. 

Needs Fix

The shot is of a lower quality compared to its adjacent shots; it is noticeably blown up and the image lacks sharpness; there is macroblocking on the edges of shapes. The quantization is possibly due to rendering or VFX output settings.


Review and confirm if it is creative intent, or if the quantization is inherent to the source or a render issue. If it is not inherent to the source, the footage must be re-rendered with higher quality settings to alleviate the quantization. In more severe examples, the shot or scene must be replaced with higher quality content.

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