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Error Code:

Luminance - Shift in Black Levels


Shift in Black Levels refers to a change in the minimum luminance value during the middle of a shot/scene or on an asset level. The shift in black levels impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. The overall look of the scene or shot will not be consistent with the intended look of the program, therefore, not fulfilling the creative vision of the producers. If the look and tone have a drastic luminance level change, it may jar the viewer out of a seamless viewing experience. This is rarely creative intent and any derivative of the asset will also contain the shift in black levels.


Severity Structure:


The change in black levels appears to be creative intent and the style is consistent throughout the program.

Needs Review

The change in black levels is apparent compared to the program, but may be creative intent as look is uniform throughout the segment.

Needs Fix

There is one shot or scene that appears washed out compared to the rest of program.


Review and confirm if the shift in black levels is creative intent; otherwise, the color timing must be adjusted to match other content and the overall look of the show or scene.

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