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Error Code:

Shift in Black Levels


"Shift in Black Levels” is a change in minimum luminance value mid-shot or between similar shots/ scenes.


Shift in Black Levels impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. The overall look of a shot or scene will not be consistent with the intended look of program. The member may also be taken out of a seamless viewing experience if the shift happens mid-shot. 

Severity Structure:


Shift in black is minor, occurs during a fade/dissolve or other transition and appears natural within the context of the scene.


Shift occurs abruptly mid-shot or black levels are visibly inconsistent within a series of similar shots or scenes.

How to Prevent:

Verify that the color timing is consistent across multiple shots.  Ensure any LUTs are applied uniformly across program. Check to make sure individual segments were correctly rendered in final conform.


Black levels must be adjusted to eliminate any noticeable shifts and/or to be consistent across similar shots/scenes.


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