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Error Code:

Placeholder Text


"Placeholder Text" refers to temporary text burned into or overlayed onto the final image. This can be used to refer to any temp text that is not creatively intended final titles/ credits, graphics or Chyron locales, such as asset file names, shot numbers, or timecode burn ins.


VFX Placeholder text impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be negatively impacted as plot-pertinent information may be covered by unintended on screen elements. This may also indicate that non-final VFX or color is present in the final deliverable and would need to be replaced.

Severity Structure:




Burned in text overlay is present, which does not appear to be subtitles or forced narratives.  This may include a shot number or other identifier text, which is clearly not inherent to the creative intent of the scene.

How to Prevent:                          

Review all VFX shots for placeholder overlays when inserting. Keep fully finished shots separate from those with temp placeholder overlays to avoid grabbing non-final versions of shots.


Fully finished shot without placeholder text must be inserted.

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