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Error Code:

Placeholder Text


"Placeholder Text" refers to temporary text burned into or overlaid onto the final image. This can be used to refer to any non-final, non-creative text or watermarks, such as asset filenames, VFX shot numbers, or timecode burn-ins.


Placeholder text impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be negatively impacted as plot-pertinent information may be covered by unintended on screen elements. This may also indicate that non-final VFX or color is present in the final deliverable and would need to be replaced.

Severity Structure:




Burned in text overlay is present, which does not appear to be creatively intended subtitles or forced narratives.  This may include a shot number or other identifier text, which is clearly not inherent to the creative intent of the scene.

How to Prevent:                          

Review all shots for placeholder overlays when inserting. Keep fully finished shots separate from those with temp placeholder overlays to avoid grabbing non-final versions of shots.


Fully finished shot without placeholder text must be inserted.

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