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Error Code:

Conversion Lag


Standards Conversion Lag refers to an artifact generated by converting a segment of video from one frame rate to another. Standards Conversion Lag impacts the technical quality of an asset. The customer experience is negatively impacted by the poor quality conversion, which may introduce additional artifacts such as ghosting, warping, or blurring. Any derivatives of the asset will also be of poor or unusable quality, and may possibly introduce further artifacts. 


Severity Structure:



Needs Review

A frame by frame analysis reveals artifacts around edges and motion.

Needs Fix

Artifacts exist in both frame by frame and full speed playback; it contains a non I-Frame cadence and interlacing is clearly noticeable. 


Often software and hardware methods of standard conversions rely on edge detection and motion interpolation to fill the in-between frames. If necessary, try changing the method of interpolation to improve the quality. In more severe examples, a non-native frame rate source clip was utilized in a sequence of a different frame rate (mixed frame rates). It is likely the editing software performed a substandard conversion that introduced artifacts. It is always recommended to use a professional-quality hardware or software standards conversion solution when changing from one frame rate to another (motion-compensated, motion-adaptive, etc).

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