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Error Code:

Visible Matte Edge 


"Visible Matte Edge” refers to an object layer (animated or composited) that does not extend to the edge of frame or has been poorly composited into the shot, causing a noticeable edge or outline where the layer ends.


Visible Matte Edges impact the Technical quality of an asset.  The member experience is negatively impacted, as on screen objects or entire layers are cut off, drawing attention to an animation or VFX inconsistency.

Severity Structure:




A character, object or layer has a noticeable edge that does not extend to the edge of frame. Character or object may also have a noticeable outline around it within the frame.

How to Prevent:                          

Review composited objects/layers to make sure they have been seamlessly incorporated into the frame.  Also review edges when repositioning or scaling changes have been made. Check key frames to make sure all elements extend fully to the edge of frame and are scaled properly within the frame.


For minor noticeable mattes that do not extend to the full edge of frame, a reposition or rescale can sometimes be used to crop out the visible matte edge. 

Matte edges that are well within safe action or matte edges that outline characters/ objects, may require returning to animation or VFX to address. 

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