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Visible Production Crew/Equipment 


"Visible Production Crew/Equipment" is the technical personnel or extraneous equipment present on set during a recording, not intended to be in the final program.


Customer experience is negatively impacted by the distracting elements on-screen, removing the suspension of disbelief, not typically creative intent, although in some contexts can be.

Severity Structure:




Crew or object is obvious, in the foreground, or middle of the frame, near the focus of frame. Scene context lends no objective reason for the crew or item to exist.

How to Prevent:                          
Tape Markers should be made smaller, and less contrasting to elements around where placed, most common practice is character driven colors but tape is usually made bright to make it easy for a character to hit the mark. Use matte colors; avoid neon colors.

Dull reflections. Most commonly found in windows/mirrors or other reflective surfaces in frame, dulling spray on these elements diffuse the element making objects less noticeable.

Protect for 4k/Active Image. Recording at a higher resolution offers multiple benefits, including protecting for the intended active image. Shooting 5k/6k allows for a center punch or image reposition that can exclude recorded equipment on frame edges.

Move offending element. Reposition offending element on set to be outside of captured action.

Review each shot for elements, common locations: Windows and Reflective Objects, sides of cars. Look at the floor when visible for tape markers, cables, dolly track. Look at revealing frame edge as camera pans, tilts or dollies forwards/back. Review top of frame in wide shots for boom microphones.


This issue may require major VFX to fix, cover up typically resides in middle of the frame, and may require image tracking for concealment effect.

For major offending production equipment, VFX may be required to remove the element and replace with new content.

Small items can be painted out in the online/Non-graded master, and subsequent color renders.

For elements on edges of screens, reposition the image subtly to not negatively affect the composition will quickly remove issues from the finished frame.

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