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Visible Production Crew/Equipment 


"Visible Production Crew/Equipment" is the on-set technical personnel or equipment associated with a film/ television shoot being visible in the finished program.


Visible production crew/ equipment impacts the Content Quality of the asset.  Member experience is negatively impacted by distracting elements on screen, which remove the suspension of disbelief.

Severity Structure:


Crew or equipment visible in documentary-style interviews or footage from film/ photography shoots with contextual cues that it is an inherent or creative choice.


Crew, camera, lights, stands/flags, boom mics, cue markers/tape, cables or any other element from the active production shoot is visible in shot or in a reflection. Also, any shadows, which might potentially be from stray crew/equipment are visible in shot. No contextual cues that would reasonably attribute the presence of these elements to creative intent.   

How to Prevent:                          
Cue markers should be as small and inconspicuous as possible.  Avoid neon or high contrast colored markers.

Apply “dulling” spray on reflective surfaces to minimize crew/ equipment reflections.

Shoot and finish DI at higher than the intended final resolution to allow for greater freedom of repositioning/ scaling.  

Review each shot in on-set monitors for common problem elements/locations - reflective surfaces, floors where there might be tape/cables/dolly tracks and edges of frame during pans/tilts/dolly shots, which might reveal boom mics/production flags/set elements.  


Repositioning/scaling may be able to size out the crew/equipment if it exists along the edge of frame.

For reflections or crew/equipment visible further in frame, a VFX fix may be required to paint out the element.    

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