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Error Code:

Volume Flutter


"Volume Flutter" is rapid oscillation of volume in dialogue, music or effects. 


Volume Flutter impacts the Technical quality of an asset. Member experience will be negatively affected as plot-pertinent dialogue may be lost during volume flutters. Volume flutter could possibly be the creative intent. Any derivative of this mix will contain a volume flutter.

Severity Structure:


Volume fluctuates due to changes in distance of on-screen action, or contextual clues within a scene indicate that it is part of the intended mix elements.

Needs Review

Audio volume fluctuates rapidly in the middle of a scene, where on-screen action or dialogue is intended to be heard.

How to Prevent:                          

Review audio with the picture to check for contextual clues that indicate volume flutter matches the scene.

Use sound compression adjustments to create a seamless volume in the audio track.


Redeliver affected audio track with volume at a consistent level, or in a level that is not rapidly varying and jarring to listen to.

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