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Error Code:

Enhanced Video Noise


"Enhanced Video Noise" refers to footage that contains extraneous activity and/or visible distortion/pattern in grain structure; may make image appear blurry or overly “soft”.


Enhanced Video Noise impacts the Content Quality of the asset. If video noise is severe, then the image quality could be so degraded that on-screen action may be obscured.

Severity Structure:


Noise has enhanced activity, but appears to be creative/ consistent with the overall “look” of the content.


Video noise is excessive, overly distracting and obscures on screen elements.  Scene has distinct “patterns” in the noise structure or noise is partially frozen in some places indicating a possible noise reduction filter error.

How to Prevent:                          

Reduce ISO - Please reach out to the Creative Technologies team if you have questions on how to best set ISO on set.

Will require more, better lighting during production in certain situations.

Review single quadrant of image, if noise is significantly inconsistent or enhanced.


See if shot can be replaced with an alternate shot where lighting/ ISO is more efficient. Otherwise, see if noise reduction filter can be applied in post. 

Post production “denoise” usually samples a solid texture for noise and allows the manipulation of the overall noise structure for the image.  Be aware that this can soften the image or induce other errors, such as “frozen” grain or distortion/ patterning in the noise structure, which may be more detrimental to the quality of the image.

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