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Error Code:

VFX Error - Video Noise


"Video Noise" refers to footage that contains visible particle artifacts and may make overall footage blurry, hard to see, or overly active and distracting.  


Video Noise impacts the Content Quality of the asset. If video noise is severe, then the image quality could be so degraded that viewers will be unable to discern the action on-screen. This is a very negative customer experience. This may be a creative choice for the program, but should never inhibit the consumption of the program. Any video derived from this asset will contain Video Noise.

Severity Structure:


Scene has noise patterns on surfaces - Is creative and consistent look for the show.


Video noise patterns are moving very quickly and are obscuring on-screen elements.

How to Prevent:                          

Reduce ISO - Recommended ISO for Red Weapon/Dragon is 800 ISO, using ISOs above this value will introduce noise, and if ISO is used to manage changing lighting situations, will introduce shot to shot inconsistencies.

Will require more lighting in certain situations.

Review single quadrant of the image, if noise is significantly inconsistent or exacerbated.


See if the shot can be replaced or de-noised via software.

Post-production de-noise samples a solid texture for noise, and allows the manipulation of noise overall for the image. De-noising instead of exposure typically causes the image to soften, often prohibitively.

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