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Error Code:

Luminance Flicker


Luminance Flicker refers to a rapid change in luminance within the image. Luminance Flicker impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. The customer experience will be adversely affected if the flicker causes on-screen elements to be obscured or it distracts from the action on-screen. This issue may be in the program as creative intent. Any derivatives produced will also contain the luminance flicker.

Severity Structure:


Appears to be creatively intended and does not detract from the experience. Source of flicker is visible on-screen (ex. strobe light in a club). 

Needs Review

May have been creative intent or is inherent to source materials if on archival footage. Source of flicker is not present in the shot.

Needs Fix

There is an extreme change in brightness which distracts from content on-screen; character or action is obscured.


Review and confirm if this issue is inherent to the archival source; otherwise, luminance flickering must be fixed. The affected shot(s) must be re-colored or replaced in order to maintain a consistent brightness.

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