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Error Code:

Luminance Flicker 


"Luminance Flicker" refers to a rapid changing of luminance in an image.


Luminance Flicker impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Customer experience will be adversely affected if the flicker causes on-screen elements to be obscured or it distracts from the action on-screen. This issue may be in the program as creative intent. Any video derived from this asset will contain Luminance flicker.

Severity Structure:


Appears to be creatively intended and does not detract from the customer experience. Source of flicker is visible on screen (ex. strobe light in a club).


Extreme change in brightness and distracts from content on screen, character or action is obscured.

How to Prevent:                          

Review for luminance consistency across shots. Apply luminance changes equally across similar shots.


Luminance flickering must be fixed. Affected shots must be recolored or replaced in order to keep a consistent brightness.


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