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Netflix Ident Technical Specifications

Rec. 709/ SDR Projects

File Format: 10-bit DPX
Color Space: Rec. 709
Transfer Function: Gamma 2.4/BT.1886
Encoding Range: Full/Extended
Example Filename: NetflixIdent_23976_177AR_4096x2304_RGBFullRange_10bit_00096_(UHD).zip 


Dolby Vision/HDR Projects

*IMPORTANT: In order for the derived SDR ident to appear correct, the Dolby Vision metadata / trim values must be applied.

File Format: 16-bit TIFF
Color Space: P3-D65
Transfer Function: PQ/ST.2048
Encoding Range: Full/Extended
Example Filename: Netflix_Ident_4s_4096x2304_178AR_Dolby_Vision_PQ_P3D65_Full_2398.zip


File Format: 16-bit EXR
Color Space: ACES*
Transfer Function: Linear
Encoding Range: Full/Extended
Example Filename: Netflix_Ident_4s_4096x2304_178AR_ACES_Linear_EXR_2398.zip

*ACES EXRs, with Output Transform (PQ P3-D65 4000 nits) applied, will match PQ TIFFs.


Dolby Vision SDR Trim Values

The HDR ident should have the following SDR trim values applied:

  • Target: 100-nit, Rec. 709, BT.1886

SDR Metadata Trim Values:

  • Gain: -0.209
  • Gamma: 0.316
  • Lift: 0.0
  • Sat: 0.211
  • Chroma Weight Offset: -0.306  (+0.306 in Baselight)
  • Tone Detail : -0.750 (+0.750 in Baselight)


  • Crush: 0.355
  • Mid: 0.419
  • Clip: 0.716


Aspect Ratio

All aspect ratio variations of the Netflix ident are derived from an original 1.78 full-frame version. For example, a 2.00 aspect ratio version can be cropped or matted to appear as follows:

media-20170830_FullFrame.jpg       media-20170830.jpg

If for some reason you are unable to crop or matte to match the aspect ratio of the main program, and require a specific version, please contact your Netflix representative.


Audio Levels and Timing

Please see the following article for information regarding audio implementation:

Master QC: Identifying and Implementing the Netflix "Ident"

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