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I'm receiving too many email notifications, or lots of email notifications that are not relevant to me, from Backlot. How can I stop them?


Due to the business relationship between Netflix and its partners, email notifications from Backlot are considered business critical communications. The original Backlot design lacked any "unsubscribe" feature for specific notification types or for all Backlot notifications. Email notifications are generated and sent to Backlot users based on the parent Partner Account under which the User Account exists, and the Roles assigned to the User Account.

We are currently working on a new feature to enable more granular management of email notifications. We do not currently have a planned release date for this new functionality, but in the meantime, here are a few suggestions for better management of high-volume email notification traffic, or for tuning of the types of notifications being generated for a specific User Account:

  • Remove any unneeded Roles that are assigned to the User Account. Roles also dictate what the User Account can access within Backlot, so if there is any question as to whether a certain Role is needed, we recommend setting up a test user account for validation of any changes.
  • If removal of Roles is not appropriate, use filters on the receiving side to cut down on the volume of email in the user's inbox. Filters can be implemented by IT or the email administrator directly on the receiving mail server, or by the user in their email client.
  • If the user is no longer using Backlot or has left the company, deactivate the User Account in Backlot. This will stop all email notifications, and will also increase overall security both for Netflix and for its Partners.

If all of these fail to resolve your issue, please SUBMIT A REQUEST and we will assist you. Be sure to choose Backlot Support when submitting your ticket.

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