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How do I share assets in Content Hub?


You can share assets in the Assets tab in one of two ways:

Individual Asset Share: Hover over the asset you wish to share to reveal the share icon (highlighted red in Fig. 1).


(Fig. 1)

Batch Asset Share: Using the tick boxes (highlighted green in Fig. 2), select the assets you wish to share. The selected assets will be highlighted blue and a blue batch action bar will appear towards the bottom of the screen. Simply click the share icon (highlighted red in Fig. 2) to share the select assets.


(Fig. 2)

Once you have clicked the share icon you will be present with a dialogue box that allows you to specify the recipient and a number of options (as seen in Fig. 3).


(Fig. 3)

Please note that you can share assets even if they haven’t finished uploading to Content Hub. If for some reason the asset fails to upload, you will receive a notification and be prompted to re-upload and subsequently re-share. If sharing with an watermark it will take 3x the runtime of the file to complete the watermarking process. 

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