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February 28, 2017

Amazon Web Services, which backs Backlot and Content Hub as well as many other services on the internet, is experiencing a widespread outage with their S3 file storage service. This is affecting file uploads and downloads in Backlot and Content Hub for both content and and artwork.

We are monitoring this situation and will post updates here as information becomes available.


UPDATE 12:05 pm PST: Amazon has updated us that the root cause has been identified, and they expect partial restoration of service by 1:00 pm PST.


UPDATE 2:20 pm PST: Amazon has fully recovered the S3 service. We are beginning the process of identifying our impact and planning how best to recover. Partners may start new transfers. Please continue to watch this page for updates on our recovery.


FINAL UPDATE 6 pm PST: The Amazon S3 outage was fully resolved by 2 pm PST. As of that time, any new transfers or artwork uploads should be successful.

Transfers that were in progress at the time the outage began at approx. 9:45 am PST will need to be resent. Transfers that completed before the outage began should process successfully as we work through the backlog.

If you have a situation which requires more in-depth investigation, please submit a ticket via the portal or by sending an email to backlot.support@netflix.com.

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