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What is Hermes?

Hermes is the Netflix translator testing platform for Fulfillment Partners, as well as individuals with a background in subtitling that want to join our network.

Getting Started

The first step is to complete the application process, which includes an application and a short questionnaire (by Qualtrics.com) that will give us more insight into your availability, skills, experience, and languages.

Hermes Application: tests.hermes.nflx.io

Once you have completed the application forms, you will receive a text message with your unique H-number. It is important that you keep this H-number as it will be required every time you log into Hermes and will be the way we keep track of your test history and scores. 


When you log into Hermes, the first page you will see is your Hermes dashboard. The languages you applied for should appear as red banners on the right side of the screen. If you click on the red banner, it will drop down to show all five phases and their statuses.

The test is broken down into five total phases: four multiple choice phases and one subtitle creation phase. It should take approximately 90 minutes to complete all five phases.

Phase 1 (10 minute limit): The objective of this phase is to test your understanding of English phrases. It’s comprised of 15 multiple choice questions in which you will be asked: to select the correct word needed to complete the sentence, select the correct the meaning of a word/phrase, or to choose the sentence that has the correct grammatical structure.

Phase 2 (10 minute limit): This phase contains 15 of the same type of multiple choice questions as Phase 1, except this time you will be asked to select the correct answer from a list of options that are in the target testing language. 

Phase 3 (15 minute limit): In this phase, you will be asked 10 different questions based on a few short video clips that are provided. The choices for each answer will be in the target testing language as they were in Phase 2. You will be able to replay each clip as many times as you need to answer the corresponding question as long as you stay within the time limit. If you are having trouble viewing the video in this section, please close out your browser to stop the timer and then review our FAQ for help troubleshooting.

Phase 4 (15 minute limit): This phase shifts away from translation and instead focuses on the technical aspects of subtitling. It consists of 10 video clips with a corresponding question for each clip. These questions will test your knowledge of timing, punctuation, line breaks, etc. If you are having trouble viewing the video in this section, please close out your browser to stop the timer and then review our FAQ for help troubleshooting.

Phase 5 (40 min limit per clip): For this final phase of the test, you will be asked to watch two short clips and translate the dialogue from English into your target language. you will be provided with the original English subtitles on the left side of the screen to help with the translations that you will be entering in the corresponding fields on the right side of the screen.

Once you have completed all five phases of testing, the phases should disappear and the banner should show the status as completed. This is where your test results will appear after it has been reviewed and graded by an administrator, which will take approximately 10 business days.


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