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Identifying and Implementing the Netflix "Ident"

Target Audience:  

This document is intended for Fulfillment Partners delivering branded content to Netflix. This document provides a detailed overview on how to best implement the ident and minimize common errors associated with improper implementation. 

What is the Ident?

The Netflix “Ident” is considered the 4 seconds of program at the head and tail where the “Netflix” logo emerges from a white background, then turns red.


This ident is how Netflix identifies itself with the consumer and is held to the highest standard and expectation as it is tied to brand Identity.

Each framerate introduces a unique animation, and while the each video is conformed to 4 seconds, the animation is interpolated slightly different across versions.

What makes up the Ident?

  • 4 Seconds in Total Runtime (across all frame rates)
  • 8 Channels of Audio
    • Both Masters must be implemented, each mix is unique.
    • 5.1 Master
      • Left
      • Right
      • Center
      • LFE
      • Left Surround
      • Right Surround
    • 2.0 Master
      • Left Total
      • Right Total

Ident Construction: 

  • First Frame
  • First Knock Coincidence Point
    • First knock at full impact on first frame “N” is visible
      • (for 23.976, 25 and 29.97fps versions)
    • First Knock for 24fps version occurs in white, one frame before “N” is visible.
  • Second Knock Coincidence Point
    • Second knock at full impact on first frame “L” is visible
      •  (for 23.976, 25 and 29.97fps versions)
    • Second knock for 24fps version occurs on first frame “TF” is visible.
  • Last Frame

The Sample & Frame numbers associated with the First & Second Knock Coincidence Points are determined by the framerate. Please see the Netflix Ident Implementation .pdfs below for framerate-specific considerations.

Common Issues: 

1. Ident Mixes: 

There are two audio mixes for implementing the ident audio. The 5.1 and the 2.0 audio mixes are specifically mixed for the listening experience.  Use them both. The most common error is to mix down the 5.1 into 2.0, creating the incorrect implementation. Both mixes must be used appropriately.

Lt/Rt Downmix from 5.1 

    • Correct Implementation 


    • Incorrect Implementation 


2. Ident Audio Channels are Mismapped

  • Channel order is incorrectly laid out
  • Specific Channels are utilized multiple times:
    • e.g. Left 5.1 Channel repurposed for Left Total (Incorrect Mix)
    • e.g. Right 5.1 Channel repurposed for Right Total (Incorrect Mix)

3. Timing/Sync: 

The audio is conformed to the video; do not slip the timing. Aligning sample 0 to the beginning of frame 1 of the ident will make it in sync. Commonly, we notice that the ident is out of sync by one frame. The animation is conformed to the audio and should be dropped straight into your timeline without time shifting.

4. Peak Levels:

The audio should match these levels:

Left 5.1 : -4.6 dBFS
Right 5.1 : -10.2dBFS
Center 5.1 : -17.3dBFS
LFE 5.1 : -9.7dBFS
LS 5.1 : -17.2 dBFS
RS 5.1 : -10.8 dbFS
Left Total : -3.5dbFS
Right Total : -5.0 dbFS


These levels are commonly found to be erroneous from compression or manipulation on the mix stage.

Ensure you are utilizing the most recent version of the Netflix Ident. Levels were increased from the previous "Ring-Rap" version. Please see the correct waveform below: 


5. Color Range Comparison - Conversion Issue:

Do not apply any color corrections or LUTs to the Ident.  The Ident is meant to be dropped into a timeline at the very end of post, after online editorial and color correction.  The DPX source files for the Netflix Ident are provided to you in Rec. 709 Full-Range color space. If for some reason the timeline is in Legal Range, a Full-to-Legal conversion must be applied in order to match program.  If the timeline is in Full Range, no conversion is necessary. A conversion may occur when the entire program is exported from a Full Range timeline into a Legal Range mezzanine file.  No other LUTs, color transforms, or color adjustments need to be applied.  Otherwise, color range issues can arise:


Key Takeaways: 

The ident was made to be easy to overwrite into a timeline at the end of post.

    • After Color-Timing
    • After 5.1 mix-down to LtRt
    • Before packaging to deliver

For specific implementation considerations for each framerate, please reference the "Netflix Ident Implementation" .pdfs provided in the links below. 

• Netflix Ident Implementation - 23.976

• Netflix Ident Implementation - 24

• Netflix Ident Implementation - 25

• Netflix Ident Implementation - 29.97

• PDF Download - English

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