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Backlot Material Status Workflow

When a Source Request is assigned to you, you will see it reflected in your “Insights” and "Asset States" buckets located below the "Search Modifier" bar:

Organizing your data: By utilizing the Groupings functionality you are able to organize your data info categories, including sorting the data by "Material Status".

Material Status Options:

  • Not Received: These are the Source Requests that have been assigned to you by a Content Partner and you have not indicated that you have received the necessary material to complete the work. Once a Source Request is assigned to you it will be marked with this status.
  • Received: Once you have received the material needed to fulfill the request you should update the "Material Status" to "Received". If the material needed is only a Netflix proxy video, please update this state when you download the proxy. Note that this does not indicate if the material is workable/usable. It simply indicates you have taken receipt of the material.
  • Accepted: After you have received the material you should review it in order to identify if you can use it to generate a Netflix compliant file (work may need to be performed to achieve this). A source request's material status must be in an "Accepted" state in order to proceed with delivery. 
  • Redelivery Requested: If upon review of the received material it is determined that you are unable to generate a Netflix compliant file, you should mark the request as "Redelivery Requested". This indicates that either a new source is required from the Content Partner, or you need approval from the Content Partner to perform complex fixes on the material (E.g. converting roll up captions to pop-on). Once you have received a new source that is useable, or have been given the green light to perform complex fixes, you would then change the state from "Rejected" to "Accepted".

Bulk Edit: Select the Source Requests you wish to update using the tick boxes. Next click on the "Edit Requests" button that appears in the bulk option bar at the bottom of the screen:

This will open a pop-up where you can adjust the Material Status:

Select the most suitable option from the drop down menu and click "Submit". Your changes will now be reflected in your dashboard within the "Material Status" column.

Single Source Request Edit: You can also update the "Material Status" for an individual Source Request within the "Source Request Details" view. To do this you can click on the "Details" button that appears when you hover over a Source Request:

Clicking the "Details" button will open up the "Source Request Details" in a new tab. Towards the bottom you will see the "Material Status" drop down menu. Select the desired option. Your selection is saved automatically.


Change Log:


Added clarifying verbiage: A source request's material status must be in an "Accepted" state in order to proceed with delivery.

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