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Error Code:

Animation Error 


"Animation Error" is any artifact or impairment induced by or related to animated content. Can encompass many different types of errors from color shifts on a character/ object to extraneous artifacts that are not creatively inherent to a scene.  Can also refer to any general inconsistency in the animation itself that is not covered by another applicable error code.


Animation Errors impact the Content Quality of the Asset. Member experience is negatively impacted by disrupted animation. 

Severity Structure:




Animation error affects on screen character or object

How to Prevent:                          

Review all key-frames and mattes prior to rendering to look for any potential animation inconsistencies.


If animation error is minor or occurs close to the edge of frame, may be able to address with a re-comp or simple paint fix.  For larger animation errors, will most likely need to return to animation studio to correct and re-render affected shot.

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