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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Aliasing


Aliasing is a visual artifact caused by the limited spatial sampling of a resolved image. Often referred to as "jaggies," visual edges appear to shift sharply and not in a smooth gradient.

Aliasing impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. The customer experience is negatively affected if on screen visuals or elements are indiscernible due to aliasing. Typically, aliasing is not creative intent, it is usually due to compression in file output. Any derivative of this video will contain the same or worse aliasing.

Severity Structure:


Aliasing occurs on far backgrounds or matches the overall look of the show.

Needs Review

Aliasing occurs on several prominent elements and only momentarily during a scene or camera move.

Needs Fix

Aliasing occurs on all line edges of the content on-screen. 


Confirm creative intent for the look of the program. If unintended, the video affected must be re-rendered at a higher bitrate. In more severe examples, the final file output must be re-rendered with a greater bit depth so that line edges do not exhibit Aliasing.



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