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"Aliasing" is a visual artifact caused by the limited spatial sampling during image processing and/or poor compression or a bad conversion.  Object or text/graphic edges appear “jagged” or pixelated. Can also refer to a moire (or “screen door”) pattern across certain parts of the image.


Aliasing impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Member experience is negatively affected by low quality images or text/graphics. Typically aliasing is associated with poor compression or a bad conversion during file output. Aliasing can be further enhanced on any subsequent deliverables sourced from the asset.

Severity Structure:


Aliasing occurs in archival or stock video footage.


Aliasing occurs in what should be high res footage and is not consistent with similar or surrounding shots.

How to Prevent:                          

Render at the highest quality and resolution available whenever possible.  Do not apply any unnecessary compression to source footage.


Re-render at a higher sampling rate, if possible.  

Apply anti-aliasing filtering.  Be aware that this can blur the image, which may be less desirable than the original aliasing issue.


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