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Backlot Enhancement: Expanded Search Functionality - Dates 

We have added new relative date options for the "Assigned Date", "Due Date", and "Estimated Delivery Date" search modifiers.  You may now search for source requests using custom date ranges. 

Each of these filters has a predefined list of relative dates to choose from, however, they also support free-form text searching that matches the following rules:

  • (last|next) # (days|weeks|months|years)
  • (last|this|next) (day|week|month|year)
  • (yesterday|today|tomorrow)

You may also continue to use exact date matches such as “2017”, “2017-05”, or “2017-05-04”.

Some examples matching the listed rules above include: “last 2 days”, “next 4 weeks”, “this month”, “yesterday”, “next year”, “2017-01-01 - 2017-04-25”, etc…




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